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ROWVISTA Carbon Rigger (yoke for kayaks)


1. The powerful rocker arm transmits and amplifies the rotation of the handle to the oar blade. The handle rotates just 65° to rotate the blade 85°. That means less stress on your wrists. Patented worldwide. 

2. High strength con rods with ball heads transfer the rotation from the handle to the rocker arm independently of the angle of the oar.

3. Positioning cam for defined vertical and horizontal blade positions. This system eliminates the risk of "catching a crab". (An expression used in rowing when the rower is unable to remove the oar blade from the water at the end of the drive stroke)

4. Ball bearings in hinge prevent power loss in the linkage mechanism. Smooth running ball bearings for easy oar blade feathering. That protects your hands and minimizes the formation of blisters.

5. Carbon fiber tubes for handle and oar blade: smooth rowing thanks to lightweight materials, even in the toughest conditions.

6. Release leash to easily and quickly fold up the sculls.


    Key features

    • A technical masterpiece: rowing forward with blade feathering
    • Feathering the oar blade. Big Blade oar shape
    • High quality, high strength rowlock, so RowVista® forward oars can easily be attached and removed
    • Soft sliding seat with six ball bearings that glide smoothly and quietly along the roller rails
    • High-quality carbon and sea water resistant
    • Yoke Outrigger (Y) suitable for  kayaks, canoes, canadian canoes
    • Assemble in just 2 minutes, without tools, slot and click mechanisms only
    • Rowing Skids are easily hooked into the D-rings



    If any of our parts are damaged when they arrive, please advise immediately and we will arrange for a replacement.


    We ask for 10% on top of the product price as a contribution towards international freight, customs fees and duty, as well as delivery to your nearest DHL depot for customer pick-up.

  • Equipment Included

    Yoke Outrigger (Y, suitable for standard inflatable and hard shell kayaks, canoes and canadian canoes) made of high-quality carbon  with adjustable rowlocks.

  • Technical details


    Rowing Skid with Yoke Outrigger 10.3 kg (22.7 lbs)
    Bag for Rowing Skid 2.3 kg (5 lbs)

    Dimensions when stowed

    Bag for Rowing Skid 28 x 28 x 180 cm
    (11" x 11" x 71")