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RowMOTION Pair of 2-piece carbon fibre oars

RowMOTION Pair of 2-piece carbon fibre oars


1 set of 2-part, lightweight carbon-fibre rowing sculls, for space saving transport.  1.75 m when in storage bag.  Assembled length is  tandard scull length of 2.92 m (115").  Easily separated using double push-in ball locks.  Skin compatible synthetic handle.  Concept 2 collar with adjustable clamping ring.  Big Blade oars.

SKU: 083 806

    1 pair of 2-piece, lightweight carbon-fibre rowing sculls for space saving transport with a length of 1.75 m (69") when separated.  Assembled length is 2.92 m (115"), separated using double push-in ball locks. Skin compatible synthetic handle, sleeve with adjustable clamping ring, and Big Blade carbon oars.


    If any of our parts are damaged when they arrive, please advise immediately and we will arrange for a replacement.


    Depending on your location it could cost 10-15% on top of the product price, to cover international freight, customs and duty, as well as delivery to your nearest DHL depot for customer pick-up. 

  • Equipment Included

    Supplied with practical bag with 4 pouches to protect the carbon fibre.  

  • Technical details

    Weight per oar: 1.6 kg.  Weight of bag: 1 kg.  Bag dimensions: 16 x 24 x 175 cm 

  • The price excludes local taxes and freight

    Please contact us for a quote to your preferred address.

  • SKU

    083 806

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