Aluminium slide with tilting foot stretcher and padded seat




    High quality aluminium slide with footstretcher and roller-seat, incl stainless steel clips at each end to quickly attach to the SUP.   The footstretcher tilts during the stroke to avoid straining the achilles tendon.


    If any of our parts are damaged when they arrive, please advise immediately and we will arrange for a replacement.


    Unfortunately we need to charge approx 10% on top of the product price to cover international freight, customs and duty, as well as delivery to your nearest DHL depot for customer pick-up. 

  • Equipment Included

    Aluminium beam with tilting footstretcher and smooth-rolling padded seat mounted on 6 high quality wheels/bearings.  Detachable rear feet to allow easy assembly and dismantling of skid and seat.  Pre-drilled holes for easy adjustment and locking of rigger in multiple pre-set positions.

  • Technical details :

    Sea-water resistant aluminium.  Total length 1.2m.


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