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FreedomRow is delighted to bring the innovative rowing system from ROWonAIR to Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and the UK.  Enjoy - we know you will !

The high quality rowing skids from ROWonAIR® let you row on any inflatable or hard-shell SUP board,  or even your kayak or catamaran !  They are light, easy to set-up, and easy to store and transport, so you are not bound to a boat shed, or your holiday home/bach.  They are also fun to row in choppy water and surf, so you can row almost anywhere, allowing you to explore new lakes, rivers and coastlines.  Hence FreedomRow ! 

You can choose between two unique rowing systems, the RowVISTA® and the RowMOTION® :

  • With RowVISTA® you row in the direction you are facing - using a completely normal rowing stroke.  Sounds and looks strange, but is actually enormous fun, and hugely relaxing.  You can enjoy the view whilst exploring new waterways, and twisted necks and 'crash stress' is totally eliminated.   Whether a new rower or experienced, why row backwards when you can row forwards ?   Contact us if you want to give it a go - you'll never look backwards !

  • With RowMOTION® you row in classic reverse style, just like with conventional rowing and sculling. 

We are also supplying the five specialist inflatable SUP's from ROWonAIR, as well as their customised 16' AirKAYAK.

The 18 foot DUDE and its slimmer sister the MOJO can even be rowed as a Single or a Double, for twice the fun.  Read more below, then go to the "Shop" button (at the top) for the product details and pricing.


You'll never look back !

High-tech forward rowing system

With RowVISTA® you row in the direction you are facing (with a conventional rowing stroke), so you can enjoy the journey and the view,  making it ideal for exploring new waterways as well as navigating tight passages if needed. 

  • The innovative system uniquely integrates feathering, making the rowing action even smoother and more enjoyable.

  • It's a huge advantage to be able to see the blade in motion if there are waves. You can see the wave troughs - perfect for open water rowing, surfing down waves and crossing the bow wave of larger boats. 

  • Thanks to the linkage mechanism, you use a completely normal rowing stroke, yet no power is lost.

  • The RowVISTA® forward rowing oars are are offered with an optional 'Fold' option, reducing the total length when in its padded bag to only 1.15 metres (compared to 2.05m without this option), so storage and transport is even easier.

  • Attach and secure the rowing skid quickly and easily to the six customised inflatable's that we offer (14' AirSUP, 15' AirLITE, 16' AirKAYAK,  17' AirSKIFF, the DUDE 18' or its faster sister the MOJO 18'.   These last two can be rowed as a Single or a Double !  

  • Or use your own SUP board, kayak, or catamaran, converting it into a recreational-yet-fast sculling boat.

Final point : Yes, I was also skeptical about this too !   But having tried it, I am now a complete convert.  Give it a try !

PRODUCT DETAILS - for the Tech Heads !

1. The powerful rocker arm transmits and amplifies the rotation of the handle to the oar blade. The handle rotates just 65° to rotate the blade 85°. That means less stress on your wrists, and less blisters.  Patented worldwide. 
2. High strength con rods with ball heads transfer the rotation from the handle to the rocker arm.
3. Positioning cam for precise vertical and horizontal blade positions, and quality ball-bearings for easy feathering. 
4. Ball bearings in the hinge prevent power loss in the linkage mechanism. 
5.  Smooth rowing thanks to strong but lightweight materials (100% carbon fibre blade and shaft).
6. Release leash to easily and quickly fold up the sculls.  The shafts can be split into two for easier transport/storage.
7. High strength pivot rowlock so the RowVISTA® oars can easily be attached and removed.

KEY FEATURES - Customer Benefits

  • A technical masterpiece: rowing forward with blade feathering

  • High quality, high strength rowlock, allowing the RowVISTA® oars to be easily attached and removed

  • Soft sliding seat with six ball bearings that glide smoothly and quietly along the roller rails 

  • High-quality carbon fibre and sea water resistant aluminium slide

  • As well as the normal Flat rigger (F) suitable for flat boards, we offer a Yoke rigger (Y) suitable for the AIRKAYAK 16' and other inflatable or hard shell kayaks.

  • Assemble and mount in under 2 minutes, without any tools : just slot and click mechanisms only

  • The skid is easily secured onto the ROWonAIR boats using the in-built steel hooks and pre-mounted D-rings

  • Or the skid can be quickly attached to other SUP's using straps (or we can supply D-rings)


Classic reverse rowing  system


Classic reverse rowing system

With RowMOTION® you row in classic reverse style, just like with conventional rowing/sculling.

Use your own full-length oars, or we can supply 2-piece carbon oars (only 1.65m long when stored, for easy transport). 

Attach and secure the rowing skid quickly and easily to any of the six customised boats we offer.  Or you can attach it to your own SUP, kayak, or catamaran, to convert it into a fun-yet-fast sculling craft.



  • Soft sliding seat with six ball bearings that glide smoothly and quietly along the roller rails 

  • High-quality carbon and sea water resistant aluminium slide beam

  • Can attach to standard (flat) paddleboards, or the Yoke rigger (Y) can be used for the AIRKAYAK 16' and standard inflatable or other hard shell kayaks

  • Assemble the rigger and slide in approx 1 minute, without any tools - just a slot and click mechanism only

  • Then the whole rowing skid is easily hooked into the pre-mounted D-rings on our boats - it takes just 20 seconds

  • You can also strap it on to your own SUP (most types), or attach D-rings (we can supply) for rapid mounting.


Hi, I'm Rob Mallinson and I'm the importer of this crazily fun, recreational-yet-fast rowing gear.  We are servicing New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and the UK.  If you have any questions or want a demo, please contact me.  I'd love to help others access this life-changing hobby !


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