RowVISTA Carbon Rigger (yoke shape for kayaks)


This rigger is Yoke shaped, to get up and over teh side walls of a kayak.   It can also be used on flat boards : the 'gates' (rollocks) are at the same height above water as the flat riggers.  So it opens up options.


    Key features

    • A technical masterpiece: rowing forward with blade feathering
    • Feathering the oar blade. Big Blade oar shape
    • High quality, high strength rowlock, so RowVista® forward oars can easily be attached and removed
    • Soft sliding seat with six ball bearings that glide smoothly and quietly along the roller rails
    • High-quality carbon and sea water resistant
    • Yoke Outrigger (Y) suitable for  kayaks, canoes, canadian canoes
    • Assemble in just 2 minutes, without tools, slot and click mechanisms only
    • Rowing Skids are easily hooked into the D-rings



    If any of our parts are damaged when they arrive, please advise immediately and we will arrange for a replacement.


    Unfortunately we need to charge approx 10% on top of the product price to cover international freight, customs and duty, as well as delivery to your nearest DHL depot for customer pick-up. 

  • Equipment Included

    Yoke Outrigger (Y, suitable for standard inflatable and hard shell kayaks, canoes and canadian canoes) made of high-quality carbon  with adjustable rowlocks.

  • Technical details

     Weight : 4.8kg plus 1.2kg padded bag

    Length : 168cm  


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